SonicWall Cyber Threat Report – Introduction of SASE (Security Access Service Edge)

SonicWall Cyber Threat Report – Introduction of SASE (Security Access Service Edge)

Introduction of SASE

The cybersecurity and network security solution spaces
are highly segmented with an endless number offerings
and vendors. This creates a massive headache forCyber
organizations trying to smoothly integrate these
solutions into their network environment.

Instead, the entire cybersecurity space needs to
converge to provide a more holistic cybersecurity
approach. This is where secure access service edge
(SASE), a new network security model coined by Gartner
in 2019, comes into play.

SASE may help shape how organizations secure their
networks and data in the coming years. SASE platforms
combine software- and service-based networks, which
will provide a unification of different security solutions.

“With an endless field of exposure points, the traditional
network security model is outdated. With the adoption
of many different cloud services, we need a more holistic
approach,” said Sagi Gidali, co-founder of Perimeter 81,
a SonicWall technology partner. “Designing a new way
forward — a future without network perimeters — was
the only way to properly manage and mitigate
tomorrow’s most innovative cyberattacks.”

A modern SASE platform will empower organizations to
simply connect to a single platform for access to a
secure network while gaining access to physical and
cloud resources, regardless of their location.

Some of these new solutions have a range of
overlapping benefits, so the naming conventions do
vary: zero-trust network access, secure network as a
service, firewall as a service, secure SD-WAN as a
service and so on.

The new perimeter-less security movement could also
replace the need for traditional virtual private networks
(VPN) that so many employees have (begrudgingly)
learned to adopt.

Unlike hardware-based legacy VPN and firewall
technology, the more advanced and secure zero-trust
network as a service offerings use the software-defined
perimeter (SDP) model to offer greater network visibility,
seamless onboarding and full compatibility with all major
cloud providers.

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