As the premiere business technology and communications
partner for hundreds of commercial real estate professionals

in the Louisville and Lexington, KY region, CisCom Solutions has the unique ability to offer solutions that can support your firm through every market fluctuation and credit crunch. Backed by well over 100 years of experience through our team of management, engineers, and support staff, we can remove a layer of uncertainty in your office and provide technology experts fluent in the time and finesse required by your staff in a seller and landlord driven landscape.

As buyers demand higher technological standards of both properties and the teams they work with and the need for augmented productivity through automation grows, CisCom can guarantee your IT needs are met in ways that not only optimize costs but also shrink the widening gap between tech changes and business productivity. Our solutions have been painstakingly perfected over the past 20 years to align with the quick decision and implementation requirements inherent in real estate, and as a recognized leader for IT support, our specialized knowledge of green, cloud-based systems will keep your operations running smooth and sustainable.

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