As the technology and communications support
partner for dozens of legal firms

across the Louisville and Lexington, KY region, CisCom Solutions knows first-hand that compliance requirements in the legal field are identical no matter what size your firm is. With over 20 years of IT support with law offices and a team of managers, engineers, and support staff equaling well over 100 years of combined experience, we are uniquely prepared with solutions that can shift with your firm’s adjusting strategies, lower the risks that new technology adoption often creates, and serve you the right tech to maximize your time and money.

Our business and technology experts know the life and language of the legal world like no other service provider in the area. As clients demand efficiency, greater value, and lower costs from your office, CisCom understands that resources can be precious, and your most crucial focus is on the acquisition of new clients and delivering financial results. Even the slightest downtime for your office can cost you both, risk compliance fees, and is unacceptable to you. That’s why, at CisCom, not only are we a leading expert in the mitigation and prevention of ransomware, but we have engineered support plans that guarantee to keep your firm working and maximizing your billable time.

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