For over 20 years, CisCom
has provided technology and communications support

for manufacturers across the Louisville and Lexington, KY region. Backed by an aggregate 100+ years of experience through our team of management, engineers, and support staff, we are uniquely qualified to overcome the variety of challenges faced by manufacturers of all sizes. Whether you are a smaller company that must meet growing, high demands and increasing administration efficiencies or you are a well-established manufacturer that’s growing globally, our service model is the most ideal to help you incorporate new technologies into lean operations, optimize inefficiencies, and maximize your productivity.

Ciscom is the leading team of Business & Technology experts for manufacturers in the area. Hundreds of professionals in this industry count on us to deliver flexible support for their day-to-day operations and the technology to maximize their time and production. We can guarantee all your IT needs will be addressed and resolved quickly by experts familiar with your environments and fluent in the language of your business, and all of it done at predictable, bottom-line friendly costs.

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